it could happen to you

These words had never been said to him. No one has ever held him like this. He’s never felt this way before. Chris didn’t want to let go so he clenched his fists and moved closer - hoping to fill the void of his absent guardian with the warmth of a stranger.

The next morning, he was told he had to leave and this time, he wasn’t coming back. His swollen eyes yelled for mercy while his fists, still clenched, yearned for love. Chris bid his solace farewell but the memories never parted ways with him. They festered and blossomed until they built a house for a libertine.

In the burgess theory, Chris shares his story with you and hopes that you won’t just listen to him - but you’ll also stop him.


The burgess theory is a psychological thriller about a young man who, in an attempt to get over his traumatic childhood, has to come to terms with gruesome secrets about his own past and personality.