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What happens at home, stays at home.


After a long day at work, Alicia - a young wife - rushes home to prepare a meal for her wealthy husband, Chris, who has been away on a business trip for weeks. Her high hopes and excitement turns sour when she finds him lifeless on their matrimonial bed. The experience triggers her mental health issues and renders her unstable, unhinged and barely able to speak. Hidden security camera footages timestamp Alicia in the house at the time of Chris’ death. This leaves everyone, including the cops - and Ade, who is Chris’ twin sister and Alicia’s best friend - believing she’s the killer.

Julius, an austere detective sergeant, finds irregularities in the case against Alicia and puts everything on the line to dig deeper in search of the dark secrets that plagued the lives and relationship of the two lovers. What he finds is a trail of violence, lies, and psychosis deeply rooted in those unsuspecting closed-door conversations and interactions that are commonplace in every household. 

Through a ruthlessly twisted and thrilling series of events, Domestic takes you on a twinkle-toed, high-speed, chase after the truths about your home that you always ignore. 


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About the author

Tobi Nifesi, photo shot by Kerhaamor

Tobi Nifesi, photo shot by Kerhaamor

Over the past eight years, Tobi Nifesi has harnessed the intrusive power of the pen, as a professional tool, and pierced through challenges and obstacles to pave a path that opens up to enlightenment and redemption. He believes that, by writing, he can create, recreate and share stories that are just as intriguing as they are awakening. 

He is the founder of horoma - a creative content development and strategy platform - and a journalist who has worked with publications such as Maclean's Magazine, the Manitoban Newspaper and Interlake Spectator.

Tobi believes in Linkin' Park, 'Mad Men' tv series, Dan Brown, Apple and Jesus.