love because you can

In 2006, A new Indie rock British band was formed. I’m talking about Noah and The Whale. Noah and the Whale is one of my favourite British bands of all time and for me, their best song will always be “Give a little love”


The entire song is based on a premise that if you give a little love, you will get a little love of your own. In order, the Noah and The Whale band members believe that if you show love to people around you, you would get love in return. 

It’s a simple, easy-to-believe, concept but I have a problem with give-and-take theories. I’m talking about the idea that if you do something, you should feel entitled to get it back. For example, if you help someone, they owe you. 

I don’t like that mentality. Personally, I believe that when it comes to humans, we should give without expecting returns. Give genuinely and wholeheartedly - not because you expect to get something back. 

That being said, I understand the message Charlie Fink and co. were trying to pass across and I agree with it - show love and someday, you would be shown love but that shouldn’t be your reason for showing love. Show love because you can.