sooner or later part 7

In my third year of secondary school, I was seated in my computer class and my computer teacher said expression that I had heard a few times before. This time, I felt like I needed a better understanding of what it really meant. 

The expression is a familiar one. It goes: garbage in, garbage out or GIGO.

It’s a computing expression that basically means the computer will produce an output that is totally based on the manner of input you give it. 


Here’s out my computer teacher explained it that day. He said: “If you eat beans, it may take a while but you will eventually excrete beans.”

I mean, I’m pretty sure I didn’t need him to go that far but I got the message. 

12 years later, the message is still clear, memorable and applicable to several facets of life. Whatever you reap, you will sow. Whatever actions you take today will have an effect on tomorrow. 

It may take a while, but sooner or later, you will get what you put in. Just make sure it’s not garbage.