sooner or later part 4

N.E.R.D said it best. Listen.

Highs and Lows, much like Crests and Troughs, are a part and parcel of the journey of life - not just our individual lives but life in its entirety. Our societies and social cultures experience highs and lows.

Nothing on this earth lasts forever and everything has its moments. That is why it is important for us to be grateful for those moments where everything seems to be at peace and at its peak. We never know when it might come crashing down. 

10 years ago, in 2008, there was a stock market crash that resulting in several countries closing their market, thousands of investors lost their investments and people lost their means of security. But that wasn’t the first time, it had happened 1907, 1929, 1987 and it just might happen again. In a 100 years, there have been at least 4 global financial crises. 

We can’t afford to put all our trust and securities in financial structures. We can’t afford to bank on our societies as our source of our peace. We can’t afford to depend on man for our satisfaction. 

We need God because sooner or later, it will all come crashing down.