sooner or later part 5

I’ve been circling around the idea of retiring these stories. Yes, I know I made a pledge and a commitment to keep it going. You know to ‘JUST KEEP UPLOADING.’

The past weekend was as tiring as digging a well but I dug deeper and I realized it wasn’t like I didn’t have something to write about everyday. I did. It was more about the time it took to piece it all up together and create something worthy of publishing. 

I know there may be a certain quality and progress that is expected from these stories/videos. I understand that - and I think sometimes the pressure gets to me. By pressure, I mean the pressure to make the next story better than the last. 

The truth is I shouldn’t think that way. What I mean is: these stories and videos are written, produced and published so that I can be consistent creatively. My need to be consistent creatively shouldn’t be outweighed by my desire to please an audience. They are both important but one is more important than the other. 

If I keep pressuring myself to impress, sooner or later, I will lose my creativity. 

So from now on, I’m focusing on being consistent creatively.