“do what makes you happy” is the worst advice ever

We’ve all heard the saying “do what makes you happy” Many at times, this saying is a response to someone who is battling with trying to figure out what their passion is or what career path they should follow. 

You know what I think? That is worst saying or advice I have ever heard. 

How can we do what makes us happy when, in truth, happiness is a moving target. It’s always changing. That thing makes you happy today might make you frustrated tomorrow. So, why should you commit a lifetime to it?

Think about it. What is the value of your happiness compared to your holistic wellbeing? Is it worth all the efforts it takes to get there? Happiness occurs in moments but moments are barely enough to carry you through a lifetime. 

There has to be something more that can help you make long term commitments and enhance your continuity. To me, if you want to decide on what to commit to, then do what makes you alive; but keep in mind that being alive means overcoming pain.

What I mean is find that thing that causes you pain in some way. It might be something you have noticed about the world or something that affects people around you or something that has affected you personally. Figure out your pain point, create a solution and make a resolution to bring that solution to life. 

Such a resolution is capable of bring you more fulfillment than any momentary happiness might. 

Don’t do what makes you happy. Do what makes you alive.