a balancing act

Life and living is a balancing act. We often find ourselves making plans, setting goals, and making commitments because we believe that is the way forward - and we might be right. Yet, as we set out to engage our plans, goals and commitments, life happens. 

When life happens, things become unpredictable. Order becomes chaos. Ideas and approaches become a bit too idyllic. Reality sets in and commitments take a break. Meanwhile, we are right there in the middle trying to balance it all out. 


I may not have the best solution to this common problem that we all face but I think the least we can do is give ourselves credit for trying to balance it all. Then, accept then that we can’t be perfect at it but despite that, we will keep trying to balance it all. 

I think the measure of our progress in life is determined by how much we try to balance out life and living.