like ikea

You know those ikea furniture that come with manuals. The ones you have to get a toolkit to fit all the pieces together. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?


I often wondered why we pay so much for them when in fact they don’t come complete. It’s crazy, think about it. Ikea makes us walk into a large store, walk around and buy mere pieces of a product. Then we go home and figure out how to do create something from the pieces. 

I thought about that for a second and realized that is exactly what God does to us. As humans, we arrive on earth with mere pieces of a product. We aren’t born with the complete products. It’s up to us to work out a way to piece it all up to gather. Oh and there’s a manual for doing that too - the bible. 

My point is, everyday, I’m learning to recognize and appreciate the little pieces of who I am and what my final product is. I’m learning to do what it takes to put it all together and make something of what I have been given.

I understand that this is a lifelong process so I’m taking everything in its stride.