true to self

The human mind is so powerful. It can create, destroy and recreate. Yet, as powerful as our minds might be, we can control it. We can direct and redirect our thoughts. We can use our minds to meet certain goals. 

What I find is that, many at times, we stretch our abilities to control our minds so much so that we begin to lie to ourselves. In other words, we begin to overthink - and I think overthinking is the opposite of being true to oneself. 


As simple as it might sound, being true to yourself is a serious and tedious commitment - one that requires long term practice to perfect. It is so easy for our minds to wander and for us to begin to forget who we are or what our core values are. 

Being true to yourself requires extreme levels of honesty and humility. It can be achieved by paying deeper attention to our senses and feeling. It helps us to build confidence in ourselves.

To learn how to do this, we must spend more time in the moment, around people we love, and doing things we truly love. We must lead a deterministic lifestyle - one that is assertive, courageous and confident. Above all, we must stay away from denial and be honest with ourselves. 

What other ways can you become true to yourself? Let me know in the comments.