the secret to life

The thing about growth is that it requires a sacrifice of some sort. Something has to give for us to grow and to break new grounds. 

In plant cultivation, there is a type of propagation called budding that involves cutting off an offshoot of a plant and replanting that offshoot to produce a new plant. 

That phenomenon reminds me of the fact that it takes one to become two. It takes a breaking of some sort to form a new element - and if you really think about it, it takes a moment of stepping out to make a difference. 

Many of us want to experience growth, yet we are not willing to step out from our comfort zone and be different. We are so hell bent on being secure and we decide to play it safe every time an opportunity arises.

In the very first episode of one of my favorite Netflix shows, bloodline, one of the principal character Daniel Rayburn said something that has stuck with me for a few years now. 

“The secret to life is knowing when to leave”

I love that line so much that I even quoted it in my book, Domestic. 

We know we want to grow. We know we need a change. We know we have to leave our comfort zones. Yet, we never seem to know when to leave. 

Knowing when to leave is key to experiencing growth - and for many of us, knowing when to leave shouldn’t be that much of a secret because the time is now. 

Tobi NifesiComment