at 24

23 days ago, I turned 24 - and I have never felt more secure about my future than I have in the last 23 days. By security, I mean at peace, aware and conscious of what the future holds. 

For a long time, when I thought about the future, I would think of dreams I have had or wishes I had made or prophecies I have held on to - and to an extent, those still exist - but I’m no longer as concerned as I used to be about attaining those heights. 

Instead I have more self-awareness because, at 24, I can’t sit back and make wishes. I have to create them. I have to work towards them. I have to set my dreams, vision, and wishes in motion.

For me, at this age, it is not enough to dream. I have to think and act. My imaginations exist for a moment - after which they must be created. They must be brought to life.

Today, I define myself by my God-given ability to create because I know that my creativity would shape my future and help me fulfil my purpose. 

I believe there is no other way to maximize my youth than by working creatively to bring childhood dreams to life - and that is where my head is at.