i've been reckless about this

I need to apologize. I have been a bit reckless about this - this series. These visual stories. 

You see, when I started these stories, my goal was to challenge myself to be creatively consistent with my writing and video editing and to share my thoughts and social commentary. I think the fact that I have made it to the 22nd day indicates a certain level of consistency.

So maybe I’ve got the consistency part figured out but I don’t think I’ve been creative enough about these stories. 

I think to a certain extent many of these videos are beginning to have a semblance or a recurring sort of vibe. There is no creativity in that. 

I need to look within, dig deeper and find a new way to make this series better, creatively. I don’t want to get bored or burnt out in the process of creating these videos so I’m going to have to step it up a notch.

That being said, in the next few days, I will be trying new styles and patterns in these videos - just whatever comes to me from a creative standpoint. 

I don’t know if any of these new styles will stick but I think it’s worth trying. If I fail, I fail. If it gets a good response, then so be it. Either ways, I’ll try it and we’ll see how it goes. 

Tobi NifesiComment