pieces that fit

Have you ever watched someone complete a jigsaw puzzle? 

just make us dance (3).png

Do you know what it feels like to complete a daunting and mind-boggling task?

There is a good chance many of us have achieved something - at least one thing so far in our lifetime - but you see the most puzzling to me about achievements is the fact there is always something else to achieve

Life itself is an endless puzzle. So I wonder why we keep trying to complete the pieces or why humans are hell bent on attaining an infinite level of happiness in life. I don’t believe that’s a realistic expectation for anyone to have. 

I know I don’t have all the answers but I think life isn’t about completing a puzzle. It’s about finding the pieces that fit. The pieces that fit only exposes you to more pieces that fit but never to a state of completion. 

These pieces could be our passions, people we fall in love with, places we visit, and experiences. All of these things add meaning to us but never completion. 

Here’s my theory: life is more about the chase than the finish line and to lead a fruitful life, focus on finding the pieces that fit.