sooner or later part 1

First off, I’m sorry for the delay in publishing these stories. I could ramble on about why but I’d rather make progress than excuses. 

I often find myself thinking about the uncertainty of life and how nothing is guaranteed. I’ve shared stories about the future, circles, beliefs and expectations and many other existential theories that can easily be torn apart by a moment of bliss or curse. 

My point is we walk on this earth living like life is a straight line but the truth is life has so many bends, curves, mountains, valleys and crossroads. It’s almost impossible to predict anything in life. All we can do is stay on course and believe that the end will justify the means. 

In 2013, four monarchs abdicated their thrones and title for different reasons. King Albert II of Belgium and Pope Benedict XVI stepped down for health reasons. Beatrix of the Netherlands and Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar stepped down because they believed it was time to "place the responsibility for the country in the hands of a new generation." 

These four people attained the heights of power - unlimited power - and yet, they saw reason to rid themselves of it and step down. The majority of us are living everyday trying to attain a certain level of power. Everything we do is done so that we can be more powerful - and more secure - than we were yesterday. 

Yet, those who have arrived at our tomorrow can afford to let go power because they have realized that life is much more than power. 

Life is not a straight line. Sooner or later, the bends will get to you and that which you endlessly chase will be your nemesis.