the empty elevator shaft part 1

The cyclical nature of life means we are always in a process. There is always something coming up. Something is always about to happen and as such, we are always looking forward to something. 

Futurists and futurism resolves around the belief that the next thing is just around the corner and so the right amount of attention needs to be given to it. Attention works in various ways - it could be in the form of anxiety, apprehension, excitement or confidence.

Now, hold that thought.

When I think of the future, I think of an elevator. It goes up, but it could go down. What you do today represents the buttons you press before stepping into the elevator - that is your future. 


But life is so cyclical that, even when you are living in your future (or in your elevator) - whether things are going up or down - you can always turn it around by pressing a button. 

What buttons are you pressing?

Tobi NifesiComment