drops in the ocean

It’s crazy how ambitious we can get. We tend to dream and dream big - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just wonder if sometimes our dreams make us so sentimental that we forget the essence of a process. 

Our vision, dreams and expectations all consists of big pictures. Grandiose possibilities and wholesome ideas. They open our eyes to the end results and final products - things that could be.

Yet, I wonder if those things get in the way of our productivity and grit. I wonder if - with the big picture in mind - we forget that it takes a process to create a product. 

I think it is important to appreciate the process that it takes to bring our dreams to life. We must understand that to win a war, we must first win a number of battles. 

Do yourself a favour and embrace the steps involved in a process because success isn’t a waterfall - it is the result of countless drops in the ocean.