writing is 80% thinking

What do I love about writing? I’ll be straight and honest with you - because it’s such a simple answer. 

But first, this is how my mind works: I imagine things, think them into being a possibility and work to make them a reality. Now, imagination and work isn’t a problem for me. 


When it comes to my imagination - although I consider myself a realist sometimes - I don’t like to see the world the way it has been made up to be. You see everything we know about this world is a result of what the generations before us has passed down to us. I’d rather see the truth that exists within our realities - and I believe that truth is my truth. What I mean is, my imagination always involves an abstrusity of some sort - a deviation from what is known but an indication of my truth. 

And when it comes to work - there is no other way around it. I either work or die. 


You see, in the middle of those two things (imagination and work), is a process called thinking. I have to think about my imaginations before working on them. I have analyze it, break it down, burn it and reevaluate it. That is thinking is - and for me, my imaginations will never come to life if I don’t think about them; and I would never be to work, creatively, if I don’t think first.

As a person, I don’t know how to think without writing. I personally believe that writing is 80% thinking and via versa. Writing helps me to think and turn my imaginations into creative work.

So what do I love writing? It helps me think.

Thank you for reading 40 of these stories. 325 more to go.