millennials, we have a problem

You don’t need a digital marketer to tell you that the attention span of millennials is pretty short. Even the traditional 30 seconds commercials are way too long for us, 6 seconds should be enough for us to decide if we are interested in what you have to say or not. 

6 seconds. 

I think that is crazy but then again, everything about millennials is crazy. Regardless, I think we have a big problem - and that problem is called focus. 


I think the majority of millennials have zero focus level. We can’t sit still for too long. We can’t deal with still images, we would rather see things moving like boomerangs, hyperlapses or videos. We can’t even decide on a profession instead we call ourselves things like creatives, what does that even mean? 

We have a problem of focus - and I think we have to admit and tackle it because, as much as we don’t want to hear it, we can’t achieve a thing if we don’t pay a decent amount of attention to it. Greatness takes patience and I’m sure we don’t want to be a generation of quitters and losers. 

So from one millennial to the other, I think you should spend more time paying your mind to a set goal and be patient enough to see it through.

Focus on one step at a time.