heal thy self

What is the key to a healthy life? Exercise? Wealth? Family? Good vibes? I mean I’m sure all these things are factors that help you lead a healthy life but what is the key?

The answer to that question might be difference for everyone but for me, the key to a healthy life has something to do with the one’s self. 

Your self is your being. It is an outward reference towards an inward entity. It is you from your perspective. Your self exists based on your own relative consciousness. 

The way I see it: if your self is a reference by you about you, then it means only you can define your self. The way you define your self will determine how you express your self and the way you express your self will determine the health of your self. 

In order words, your personal evaluation of who you are is key to leading a healthy life. If you are confident in your skin, have regard for yourself, and believe in your own potentials, you will be able to navigate through different situations and come out, not weaker, but stronger.

So for me, to lead a healthy life, you must know thy self and you  must heal thy self.