just make us dance

In 1963, an American surf rock band called, the Trashmen, released a single called the surfin bird and this is really how it goes:

No, really. That’s all there is to the song but that song became an instant hit reaching number four on the billboard top 100 and being portrayed in several shows and movies. 

What does it really mean? “The bird is the word”

I did some digging and found that some people believe the lyrics represents a very firm stance while others say it is to be used when something or someone becomes popular. 

In truth, no one on the internet knows what it really means. Probably, only the Trashmen can really tell us what it means. What we all know is that it makes us dance. 


That is a statement to how we tend to perceive music and art sometimes. Sometimes, we are not seeking depth of knowledge, insights or information, we just want to smile, laugh, be entertained and dance - and there is nothing wrong with that. 

So, to you, the artist: please remember that sometimes we don’t need you to remind us of our realities instead we need help forgetting them for a while. Sometimes, you don’t have to educate us, instead just make us dance.