what does home mean to you?

That is a pretty difficult question for me to answer.

Home is definitely not a location. Trust me - I’ve lived in five cities, two countries and attended 7 schools - and I don’t feel like I belong to any of them. 


So if home isn’t a location, what is it?

Personally, I believe my home is represented by the people I make sacrifices for. Let me explain. 

Have you ever had to make a major life decision but stopped to gather the opinions of someone close to you? Or are there certain things you have forsaken not because you don’t want them but because you have to give it up for the sake of someone close? Are there certain people who you can’t imagine life without? And, more importantly, is there someone or a deity who you believe completes you?

To me, whoever comes to mind when you think of these things represents home.

Home is why you do what you do. 
Home is why you make sacrifices. 
Home is where your loyalties lie.

Oh, by the way, never trust a man who has no home.