thinking x voting

Alright so, net neutrality is over and Trump is about to have a heart to heart with Kim Jong Un. All that socio-political chatter has got me thinking about the state of societies. 

All my cogitations point towards one possible truth and that is: there is a nervy or edgy feeling in the air. People are scared, anxious or uncertain about the future. 

I mean, take a look at the sudden rise of neo-nationalism over the past few years. People are beginning to question the decisions they once voted for and are trying to set a new course for the future even if that means it being at the expense of fellow countrymen. 

So I wonder: What do we want from the future? What do we want the future of our cities to look like?

Do we want the future to be void of multiculturalism, capitalism and social movements? Do we want a future where anti-globalization, nativism and protectionism is the order of the day?

Is that what the people want? 

I understand that in democratic systems, votes should count but I’m also old enough to understand that propagandas hold more weight than votes. But what dumbfounds me is the fact that many at times, these two never seem to align. We vote in people whose political agendas tend to stray away from those of the masses. That doesn’t sound democratic to me. 

My two cent, which really shouldn’t count for much, would be that we should take a step back and relax. Refrain from being too anxious about our futures and spend more time thinking before voting. 

Tobi NifesiComment