living in circles

I like to use my notes app to make daily personal outlines, plans and reminders but you see, somehow, half of those plans tend to get moved around and I end up going in circles before actually getting them done. 

Same things can be said about certain habits that I’m working on getting rid off. I am aware that these bad habits exist but I go in circles before I am able to fully be rid of them. 



Going in Circles is a problem. This is something that we all struggle with in one way or the other. If you really think about it, there is at least one thing you’re doing that is in circles - meaning you’re beating around the bush and not getting things done. 

So how can we stop going in circles?

I have a few suggestions but don’t take my word for it. First of all, be certain that there is indeed something wrong with your circle. 

Sometimes the things we are trying to get away from might just be what is best for us. So be sure your circle is a negative before moving on to my next point. 

Secondly, find the center of your circle. The centre of your circle is the root cause of your problem. Identify the centre of your circle and get rid of it. 

For example, I tend to move some of the plans I make on my notes app around. If I really narrows it down, the root cause might be my time management habits. Maybe I need to work on my priorities and get rid of things that aren’t worthwhile. Maybe then, I can get more done and stop going in circles. 

So if you find yourself going in circles, find the centre of that circle and get rid of it. 

Tobi NifesiComment