my greatest nemesis

If there is one concept that I will probably battle with forever, it is the concept of time. 


I understand it and I don’t. Time is my best friend - and my greatest nemesis. It is such an enigma to me but it is a seemingly simple tool. 

Time is just like space or god. It’s there whether you see it or not - and you can barely argue with it. I struggle to come to terms with time on so many levels. 

When you’re young, you imagine that all you have is time but as you grow, people begin to tell you don’t have enough of it - and that gets you in panic mode. You begin to hurry. You’re forced to act smart and make the best of time. 

Yet, the most perplexing thing about time is there’s only so much you can do with it.

You really can’t slow it down.
You can’t control it. 
You can’t manage it. 
You can’t stop it. 
And you definitely cannot meet it halfway. 

I have decided to ignore time. It’s an external factor. Instead, I will focus on ensuring that my priorities are set to align with the vision I have for my life, relationships and business. 

I believe that is the best I can do. 

If you have any other thoughts about the concept of time, let me know in the comments.