perfection doesn't matter

Let’s talk about snapchat. 

Snapchat is a brilliant app. You post pictures and stories - and they disappear in 24 hours. And just like every other social media application, you can have conversations with friends and follow the lives of celebrities. 

But you see earlier this year, Snap Inc. - the company that owns snapchat - redesigned the layout of the application and I wasn’t too happy with that update. I wasn’t alone though - over a million people petitioned against the update on 

snapchat petition.png

Anyways, I started using instagram stories more often - again I wasn’t the only person who made that decision.

Regardless of snapchat’s poor user interface, I love the app for one reason. Snapchat was the first social media application that taught me that perfection doesn’t matter. Before snapchat, social media was all about showcasing your best life. Uploading your best pictures on facebook or typing your funniest or most creative words on twitter - and there was a time that you couldn’t use instagram without using instagram filters. 


Snapchat changed all that. With snapchat, you just had to capture and share moments as they were and not bother about polishing them. They will disappear in 24 hours anyways. That presented us with a unique way of connecting with the world. We don’t have to be perfect to be accepted. 

Many at times, I think we try to force things to fit a certain level of perfection and in doing that, we ignore some important nuances - like growth. Whatever you spend today doing isn’t going to be perfect but it is going to help you grow and be better tomorrow than you were today. So instead of trying to be perfect at what you do, pay more attention to growth. 

Perfection doesn’t matter, growth does. Thank you Snapchat for teaching me that.