the art of respite

Art is fascinating - regardless of what your taste might be or what art forms you enjoy. The act and art of creating is deeply rooted in all that humanity stands for. From the beginning of time, man has been a creator. We have used our brains and hands to create better solutions for problems that we didn’t even know we had. I find that really incredible. 


The result or product of creativity is even more fascinating. We tend to feel a sense of appreciation for new ideas, creative solutions, new products and innovations. That moment of appreciation that we feel when staring at art or unboxing a new product is synonymous with what magicians call the prestige. 

The prestige is basically the reveal in every magic trick - and the reveal represents a moment of respite. In those moments - when a magician ends of trick in a way that is so astonishing or when we listen to a song and the rhythms or lyrics speaks to us or when we watch a movie and we resonate with certain characters or the storyline as a whole - the true purpose of art is fulfilled. 

What is the true purpose of art? to give us a sense of hope and respite. Art helps us to forget all that has happened up until that moment. It gives us the grace to just relax and appreciate the creativity of humanity.