press play

The most exciting facet of the beginning of a thing could also be the most frightening aspect of that thing. It is interesting to think about what happens to us at the beginning of the day or when we are about to begin an assignment or even when we are about to go out for a event.

There is something that is common about all those things - something that happens to us everytime we set out to do something. It is called expectations.

We have all have expectations whenever we set out to begin a process. You have an expectation at the beginning of a sport season that this might just be your team’s year or you have an expectation that this week would be the week you finally ask your crush out.

Now you see, expectations are innate - meaning we create them but as we set out to do things and we begin we see what it takes to bring those things to life, we start weighing our realities against our expectations - and depending on how that goes, we may or may not panic. If your expectations matches your reality, you feel good. You keep going. If your expectations doesn’t match your reality, you panic and you become uncertain and scared of the unknown.

You know what’s ironic? We are the masters of our expectations. We create them and yet we allow the realities (expectations) of the world to overshadow ours - and when we do that, we shrink and drown in the fear of the unknown.

So here’s my proposed solution: Just as you are the master of your expectations, become the master of your ideas. Own them. The realities or expectations of the world - as we know them - do not have a say on what we choose to do. We do. Let your unique ideas rule your world. Let your ideas be the benchmark for what you choose to do. Your ideas are unique to you so use what you have to break through the fear of the unknown and get to the finish line.

I started my visual stories series yesterday and I don’t know how this is going to go but I’m going to break through that fear of the unknown by letting my ideas and creativity lead the way. I’m going to keep using what I have to get to where I want to be.

So keep pressing play and never stop.