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“This is CBNN Breaking News. 

News coming to us here at the studio this early summer morning confirms that Seun Phillips, a renowned Landsberg-award-winning journalist, was found dead in her office at The Announcer (a national newspaper publication) at about 6:30am. She was found seated in an upright position with her fingers set over a keyboard and her eyes, wide open, staring at a desktop screen. Early medical reports say that she experienced Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome - in other words, she died in her sleep. However, we will have more information about that after further medical examinations have been carried out. At the time of this broadcast, neither The Announcer or the local police department has responded to our requests for comments. Seun is bereaved by her… her… oh my God...there is a guy in here. 

Right there, behind you John… he has a gun... someone call the po…”

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